Proflex Multisport Play


Top coat

Single pack, water-based, low odour polyurethane topcoat

Activity Lines

Activity lines in intense colours are applied using the same material specification as the fi nal PU roll surface coat.

Two-pack Self levelling PU Wear Layer

Resilient and durable two-part polyurethane wear layer.

Two-pack Pore Filler

A durable and flexible two-pack polyurethane filler, which fills the pores of the rubber shockpad providing excellent mechanical and chemical adhesion.


Pre-fabricated to the required thickness, the shockpad can be either recycled rubber or foam.

Two-pack PU Adhesive

A two-pack polyurethane adhesive is coated over the entire surface of the substrate to provide total bonding of the rubber shockpad.


The substrate is usually high density macadam, concrete or a wooden base which is of suitable specification for the expected loads and activities.